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Nino Coniglio and Michael Turk have known each other for over 10 years. Hailing from New York City, the two grew up making pizza in a small Brooklyn neighborhood called Gravesend. During the 2020 pandemic, Nino (a 10-time world champion pizza maker with a garden in his yard) and Mike (a well-known radio host in the city) had the idea to join forces and create what is now known as The Brooklyn Pizza Club! The Brooklyn Pizza Club offers it's members a chance to eat pies far too expensive to serve in your average restaurant or pizzeria with the highest-quality ingredients, most grown in their own back yard! The two prepare a limited supply of what is considered the "world's most quality pizza" for its members weekly. 


Nino Coniglio



Nino Coniglio is an award-winning pizzaiolo with honors ranging from Pizza Maker of the Year at the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas to Champion of  Food Network’s Chopped. Coniglio’s experience begins at just 14 years old working in pizzerias all over New York City. Making little to no money yet eager to learn a craft he felt was a great unifier of people, his experience includes everything from an apprenticeship at Domenico “Dom” De Marco’s legendary Di Fara pizzeria in Brooklyn to owner of Williamsburg Pizza, Brooklyn Pizza Crew and The Woodstock NYC.


Learning the many elements of pizza making from such a young age Nino has a vast studies in everything when it comes to a quality pie. As seasoned bread and cheese maker Nino has also taken up gardening, cultivating a variety of ingredients he grows fresh and cares for daily right in his own Brooklyn backyard.

Nino’s core philosophy revolves around three things: high quality ingredients, the order in which they are applied, and taking the time to master the true alchemy of dough making.

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